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Screendoor, Portland, OR

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Screen Door (Portland, OR)
What you’re getting: The Screen Door Plate with catfish, mac & cheese, and a pork chop
Even on the rainiest Portland days, there’s a line outside Screen Door an hour before it opens, populated by people ready to weather the weather for a taste of perhaps the city’s best fried chicken, pounded flat, buttermilk-soaked, crispy, and perfect. It’s served up in a homey little spot with an open kitchen, well-stocked bar, and walls adorned with pickled eggs, vegetables, and pretty much anything else picklable. Beyond the chicken, the place features great BBQ classics, pecan trout, and shrimp & grits, plus an array of sides that can be hard to choose from… so make them a meal with the Screen Door Plate, which lets you choose three. It’s worth noting that a crispy-fried pork chop counts as a side, mainly because this place rules.