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Tsukushinbo, Seattle, WA

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Seattle, WA
What you’re getting: Old-school shoyu ramen
Six days a week, Tsukushinbo serves up some of the best sushi in Seattle, and on the seventh day they do the opposite of rest — they ladle out perhaps the hardest-to-get ramen on this list. The broth of their old-school shoyu ramen takes four days to make, so they can only cook enough to feed a few dozen hungry fanatics on Friday afternoons. Wash it down with a side of crispy gyoza dumplings. – Thrillist


Kingfish Cafe, Seattle, WA


What you’re getting: Red beans and rice
Drawing inspiration from their Selma, Alabama-born grandfather and comfort food-cooking mother, these two sister-owners have been pouring their love of their culinary heritage — often in the form of family recipes — into Seattle since ’97. Their enthusiasm shows in dishes like the Hop & Jump, a plate of fried frog legs with greentomato chutney, and the Sweet Tea Pork Chop, a 5oz chop that gets an overnight marinade bath in two stand-by ingredients: sweet tea and molasses.