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Kimchi Fried Rice

So here is my receipe for a very simple Kimchi fried rice for one. You can normally find kimchi in most Asian groceries and it is a staple in Korean cuisine. It has a tangy and spicy flavour.

Half an onion (chopped up to tiny bits)
Half a cup of kimchi (chopped up to tiny bits)
A cup of rice (cooked)
A clove of garlic(chopped up)
Soy sauce(I use Japanese soy sauce)
Kosher salt

1) Put pan on medium heat
2) Add some oil and fry the onions
3) Add the garlic and fry till onions are clear
4) Add the kimchi and continue frying
5) Add a table spoon of soy sauce
6) Add the rice and toss until the rice is infused with the kimchi sauce
7) Fry a couple more minutes and add salt to taste (I used to add pepper but after talking to some of my Korean friends, I realized that they seldom add pepper to their food)

There you go, a very simple receipe for kimchi fried rice, modify the receipe as you like, adding fried ha on always adds great flavour.


Okonomiyaki (for one!)

This recipe makes two medium sized Okonomiyakis enough for one!

Quarter Cup Flour
Quarter Cup of Water
Half Teaspoon of Dashi
1 Egg

4 shrimps (chopped up)
3 leafs of Cabbage (Chopped up)

1) Mix the flour and water and Dashi in a bowl
2) Add the egg and mix until the texture is a like pancake batter
3) Mix in the cabbage and shrimp (Make sure that you do not put too much cabbage, there should be enough batter even cover up all the cabbage)
4) Heat up a pan (Preferable Cast Iron) to medium high
5) Spoon mixture and spread out until about 1.5 cm thick
6) Cook till side is a little browned
7) Flip and cook other side till a little browned (recommend making smaller sized Okonomiyaki so it is easier to flip)
8) Top with Okonomiyaki Sauce and Japanese Mayo
9) I usually top with a Japanese rice seasoning which usually consists of Nori and other stuff which adds to the flavour

Enjoy your new found recipe!


So today, I felt like eating Okonomiyaki, so I tried modifying my receipe, since I bought a pack of Dashi. So I added some Dashi to the water that I added to the batter.. =) Hmmmmm… Soo good.. I totally love this! I also tried a little Bacon on the Okonomiyaki! Totally worked for the meal…


I will post up the receipe for this soon!