G-men Ramen

On: Oct 4, 2010

Address: 1101-3779 Sexsmith Road Richmond, BC V6X 3Z9

I have always heard good things about this place so was really excited to give it a try. Many of my friends have raved about this place and compared it to Kintaro. They also said that it was difficult to compare the places as they were different. Like they would have cravings for both places for different reasons.

Walking it, it looked like a regular ramen shop with a simple setup. A booth and smaller tables mostly for 2-4s. It was pretty quiet when I got in and there were not too many people there.

Given that my usual test for ramen places is my Miso ramen I decided to get it. And as I wanted to test out other smaller things in the menu i decided to get the daily combo of the noodles and a side of rice.

First impression of the Ramen is that it is very flavourful, and I understood why my friends raved about the place. The noodles had a very pleasant texture when eaten and there was a good amount of meat and negi(green onions) to go with the soup. It had a little less items on the noodles then I was used to but overall it was a good amount. They kept it very simple and it works! But after eating more and more of the ramen I realized how salty it was. It was especially showed when I tried the negi butameshi (rice dish) I could tell it tasted good but I was not able to enjoy it without the soup flavour overpowering the side dish. I had to have a glass of water to be able to taste the subtle flavours in the rice. I have to say that I really enjoyed the flavour of the rice. It had a vary familiar Japanese taste mix of sweet and savoury. It felt very much like comfort food. The texture in the rice was pleasant, with the chewiness of the mushrooms and the burst of saltiness of the pork. Overall I have to say that I enjoyed the rice more then the noodles. If it was a little more balanced I definitely would have enjoyed them both as a package more

The service was usual for a ramen shop, where the get you seated and then get your order quite quickly. The servers were quite watchful of the tables and there was never any problems getting the attention of the servers. Very courteous Japanese service.

It was a little pricy for the ramen deal, or actually just the ramen by it self. For about $9 a bowl I expect something amazing! I mean my other fav ramen places always served for about $7.50++ for a bowl. I felt that it was a little over priced for the food when other places which are a little better serve for a lower price. The hours are not that conducive for me personally considering that they only open after 530pm. But that is a personal note.

Overall I have to say that I would go every now and then. Not on a regular basis but I think I would want that flavour once in a while!

Nuba (Hastings and Cambie)

On: October 2, 2010

Address: 207-B West Hastings on Cambie

I was honestly not expecting a restaurant as I have been to the other Nuba on Seymour and it was a Cafe style place. So when I walked in, I was a little surprised. A pleasant surprise. It had a good feel to place. Felt like a restaurant but still had a casual feel to it. Like you could bring anything from a group of friends to a date.

We were not very hungry so we ordered a couple of appitizers. What I ended up doing was sharing two appys with a friend. The Lamb Kibbeh Sainieh (Pan baked grain-fed halal lamb patties with burghul, pinenuts, onions and aromatic spices) and the Lamb Hushwie(sauteed lamb with onions, peppers, pinenuts and spices over hummus. Both were pretty good but I have to say that I prefer the Hushwie. The flavours blended really well when you had it with pita bread. The Kibbeh just felt like lamb patties with yogurt. It was not very impressive to me.

Lamb Kibbeh Saineh

Lamb Hushwie

The servers were friendly and were watchful of the table. There was never a cup left unfilled for too long. Server also provided good social banter as well.

Value was good if you expected dinner prices. Honestly I was expecting cafe style prices so was a little surprised when I saw the menu. But given the quality of the food and the feel of the place it is worth it.

I will have to go there and try the actual dinner meals the next time! I will be back!

The Cascade

On: October 1, 2010

(This photo from Urban Spoon)
Address: 2616 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T
Junction: Main and Mount Pleasant

There was a night of no dancing so I asked a couple of friends out for a beer! Jane, one of my friends recommended this place as it was near her house. Great option!

THe ambience was great! When you walk in it is nice and dim, my favourite type of light for these types of social settings. Was already full when I got in and we managed to snatch up a table for us. The place is filled with a really good vibe. They had a bunch of electro music playing in the the background. Was loud enough for you to really feel the music and feel like getting up and dancing! They had a really good mix of music, I heard a couple of good Michael Jackson tunes through the night!

They had really cool decor too! Random pictures of Queen Victoria on the Lamp shades.

The table decor was nice and simple too!

We did not get to food till really late! We had some snacks at Jane’s place before we went out. The drinks were pretty reasonably priced. They had a special that night on the Farm Hand Ale for $5. That is a pretty decent price for a resto lounge. We did eventually decide to split a burger per Jane’s reccomendation.

Per Jane, she said that she was recommended the burger by friends. Honestly it was just ok. Nothing too fancy. I have had a few other really good places that are my go to burger joints and this just did not match up to in in taste, or quality. Was not impressed. The fries however were pretty darned good! I would actually be interested in trying the rest of their menu. My friend had a Daal and Naan bread which looked and smelled really good. I unfortunately did not have a chance to try it so I will probably be back for more!

Service was great! It was a little hard to get a seat to begin with but the servers were very watchful of their tables. They came often enough for us to feel comfortable ordering anything.

Value, it was a reasonable one as compared to other lounges in Vancouver. Food is about $6-10 for snacks, and about $10-15 for mains.

Overall, a great place! I will be back!

Salty Tongue Cafe

On: September 30, 2010

Address: Gastown, 213 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC V6B
Tel: (604) 915-7258

I have actually been here before for a some coffee with my friend and it was really good. So it was not my surprise when I was google searching for good sandwiches in Gastown that this was one of the options. When you see the place from afar, already looks like a place with great potential. The ambiance is really nice, and has a very good feel to it. When I stepped in, there a a few people in there just enjoying a light snack, or a cup of coffee. When you first go in you go in, there counter where you can order your food is right there, and above it, there is a huge board with all the items on the menu. Crossing a small divider, you go into a room that looks like a long hallway. There is a huge long table set right in the middle of it and it has chairs lining it.

This is a view from the back of the cafe to the front.

They even have a see through refrigerator with all the meats and pastas as well!

Soft rock music was playing in the background which made it a great place to go with a paper, a magazine, or a book to just sit and enjoy good food!

Food wise, I decided, after bantering with the girl taking my order and asking for her recommendations. I decided to order the Turkey Sandwich and soup. It had turkey, cranberries, mustard, and tomatoes. And the soup was the Potato and Onion soup.

The soup had a good flavour to it, and the texture was a typical of a root based soup. The sandwich was pretty amazing! The blend of flavours was great, with a hint of the mustard, the sweetness of the cranberries, overall an amazing sandwich. This is a place that I will come back for more and more!

Service is typical of most cafes here. You order up front and they serve you the drinks up there and you can take it to your table. If you do order food you can sit down and they will bring it over to you. Everyone was pretty friendly, and it had a very laid back atmosphere.

Value wise, I paid about $11 for the sandwich and soup so depending on your idea of value it can be pretty expensive. I did really enjoy the food and and the quality of the food was great. I will definitely be back for more!